New Line of Skin and Hair Care for Motorcyclists

GirlRiders - Katie

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3 Responses

  1. I’ve used the Wind Therapy detangler on several occasions – after riding, after swimming, while camping to manage my rat’s nest of a hairdo if I can’t shower. Each time I’m left with soft, curly, miraculously manageable hair with no frizz or greasiness. It also comes in leak-proof bottle that fits perfectly in your tank bag. My curly hair won’t leave home without it.

  2. Cheryl Kane says:

    I bought the sample set at the Lace Grace & Gears Rally in Beaumont, TX. All 3 products do what they claim and feel really good on your skin, lips, & hair. I apply the detangler to dry hair before I ride and no longer destroy my hair trying to brush out wind blown tangles. My face doesn’t feel wind burned and the lip balm keeps my lips hydrated and soft with only one or two reapplications on a day long ride. Wish I could afford to buy sample kits for all my women rider friends!

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