Tankslappers suck, Gear FTW

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    Riding pants wore all the way through, So glad I had these on, the pads in the knees and the hips did their jobs.
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    Arm, shoulder and back damage.
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    See that hole with the white border? There was no hole there before, that's from sliding.
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    Heart shaped road rash
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    Railroad tracks
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    Slide distance
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    About 250' slide mark, I don't think you can see where it starts, right after the tracks.

GirlRiders - Katie

GirlRiders Founder and President

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3 Responses

  1. GirlRiders - Katie says:

    Now in 2015 I still have a nice little heart scar on my wrist as a nice reminder of how much worse this could have been. Me and the Hyper still love these roads, I just go over the tracks a lot more carefully.

  2. Lampshade221 says:

    I hate that crossing! Never knew you went down on it before. That’s the one thing that scares me about riding alone out in those boonies. Anything can happen anywhere at anytime.

    • GirlRiders - Katie says:

      Yea I started posting the coed Saturday rides after this, Jason worries less that way. I still like riding solo too, I just try to stay on more populated roads.

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