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Katie wrote an incredible review of our new Kevlar Leggings product. She was provided with a pre-production sample and gave us invaluable feedback that ultimately help us improve the product dramatically. We are really grateful for Katie’s help. We sent a follow up sample for her review after we incorporated her recommendations and it was met with high marks by Katie. Katie is one of the most significant women in the motorcycle industry and we highly value her contribution to the industry and to our products, she makes everything better because she knows what she’s talking about.

Arlene Battishill
President & CEO
GoGo Gear Los Angeles


Katie McKay joined my small group of hand-picked Social Media correspondents at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, FL last year. The company I worked for, Acorn Woods, was in charge of the show’s social media. With a small team of two at the show (myself and our company’s owner), it was important that I connected with local influencers, who could help build buzz about the show via social media. Katie was definitely an excellent choice. She did a great job covering AIMExpo, from covering media presentations and product launches, to conducting interviews. Her passion for motorcycling was evident in the photos she Instagrammed, the news she tweeted and the articles she posted on her blog. She has a great personality and would be an asset to any team!

Marcie Taylor
Social Media Strategist | Community Manager | Writer | Marketing Specialist


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If you have a product or service for motorcycle riders, let me help you get noticed. 

Katie McKay, President


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